Marrakesh Tile Clearance Sale at Imports from Marrakesh warehouse, Industry City, Building 5, Brooklyn NY
Pack up and pick up your own tiles! We do not provide packing, loading or delivery services.

If you need a referral for assistance with your packing, pick up or delivery, please email ifm@importsfrommarrakesh or call 212-675-9700

All tile are sold AS IS, if you need to have your tiles inspected, there is a non refundable inspection fee of $5.00 per tile. Please note this service fee is for the time & labor required to inspect the tiles. Fee must be paid prior to inspections, and it is non-refundable, regardless if you purchase all, some or none of the tiles after inspection. Please note, the Marrakesh Tile are remnants, sample batches and deeply discounted, and tiles may be a mix of perfect and imperfect.

Marrakesh Tiles is Final Sale, as is. No Exchanges or Returns

Imports from Marrakesh Ltd.. will not be held responsible for imperfections inherent in the nature of the the hand-made encaustic cement tile, and for errors, issues or problems due to installation, quantity or maintenance after installation.

Please refer to the Marrakesh Tile installation information on our web site.

Marrakesh Tile is a cement encaustic tile that is commonly used to decorate floors and walls in Moroccan interiors. Each geometric tile design is made by hand in a press mold with dry cement and wet pigments. Then the tiles are soaked in water and left to harden by heat of the sun.

In Morocco Marrakesh Tile is either polished to a high sheen with black olive oil soap or left as a matte finish. If you don’t have black olive oil soap, we recommend appling sealer for cement tile before installation and grout application.

For a beautiful design effect, consider the Moroccan tradition of combining Marrakesh Tile with marble or zillij mosiac tile.

To calculate how much tile you will need to order, multiple your total square footage by 2.25. Example: 20 square feet x 2.25 = 45 tiles. For more details call 212-675-9700.

Now you can purchase a Marrakesh Tile sample here
When you are ready to place your order, please email ifm@importsfrommarrakesh and we will confirm availability provide a quote with shipping

Please note some these photos show a set of four tiles to demonstrate the repeat field pattern.

A sample is one Marrakesh Tile 8″ x 8″, 3/4″ thick

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