AZILAL 10’11’ x 5’7″{IC}

AZILAL 10’11’ x 5’7″{IC}


Vintage Azizal

Morocco 20th c.


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Not until the1990′s, did the wider world learn of Azilal rugs, textiles woven by Imazighen women of the Azilal province in the Moroccan region of Tadla-Azilal in the Atlas Mountains. These artistic abstract rugs were created for personal domestic use and not for sale in the local Berber rug markets. This avant-garde style of weaving is appreciated as art by Moroccan carpet connoisseurs. These 20th century carpets are one-of-a-kind and woven from dyed and un-dyed sheep’s wool. Ranging from colorful loose patterns to perfectly neutral ivory & ebony diamond lattice designs, they are an interesting alternative to a Beni Ourain carpet.


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