ZT-36, FEZ

ZT-36, FEZ

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Our Zillij Tile is available by special order.


INDIVIDUAL TILES: Each piece of zillij tile is hand-cut with a chisel. Zillij tile may be ordered as individual tile pieces and installed as a mosaic on-site by a professional tile installer.
TILE PANELS: Zillij tile may also be ordered as a panel in sizes made to suit the specifications of your project. The individual mosaic tiles are hand-cut with a chisel and then assembled face down to fit together like a puzzle, concrete or resin is poured over the back and left to harden into a durable easy to install slab.


resin slabs : 1/2 inch thick {1.5 cm }
concrete slabs; 1 inch thick { 3 cm }
Zillij panels can be made as large as 10 square feet {1 square meter}

CUSTOM DESIGN: Zillij tile is an art that has specific measurements for each pattern. We can reproduce any traditional Moroccan mosaic design. Our master zillij tile artisan will adjust the scale of mosaic tiles to suit your specifications as closely as possible.
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