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SIZE: 8″ x 8″, 3/4″ thick

PRICING: The price ranges from $10.00 up to $15.00 per tile, depending on the intricacy of the design. Sample fee is $20.00 per tile. Please contact us for a detailed price quote.

Marrakesh Tile is hand-made by a special pressed tile process that was brought from Portugal to Morocco in the 14th century. A mixture of dry concrete, marble powder, cement and sand is packed into an iron mold. An iron stencil is placed on top of the mold and wet pigment is poured through a small mold into the shapes within the stencil. The wet pigment permeates the dry powders leaving the tile with a rich color pattern. The tile is submerged in water overnight and removed to dry into a durable 8”x 8” cement tile that is 3/4” thick. Every pattern in our collection may be ordered as seen online or in custom color combinations from Marrakesh Tile Color Chart. Marrakesh Tile is also available in solid colors as shown in the color chart. Slight color variations may occur, as each pigment batch is mixed by hand. This style of encaustic cement tile is used throughout Morocco for walls, floors, and patios. The complex geometric patterns combine beautifully marble, terra-cotta or zillij tile.

Please contact us for a price quote or to place an order from our current inventory or to place a custom order.

Email info@importsfrommarrakesh.com

You can now order Marrakesh Tile Samples in our online shop!

Please note, we only sell Marrakesh Tile samples online, when you are ready place your complete order, please email us a purchase order, and we will email you a formal invoice with the shipping/delivery fee.


How to calculate your total quantity of Marrakesh Tiles in feet:
multiply total square foot x 2.25 {2.25 tiles = 1 square foot} How to calculate your total quantity of Marrakesh Tiles in meter; multiply total square meter x 25 {25 tiles = 1 square meter}

The average lead-time for special or custom orders is 3 months + the time required for international shipping from Morocco. We ship around the world direct from Marrakesh by air and by sea. We also have Marrakesh Tile in stock in our warehouse, which is available immediately.


A 50% deposit is required to initiate a special order. The full balance and shipping fees must be paid before the order is released for shipment.
We accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.