NEW YORK TIMES: A touch of Moroccan Style

NEW YORK TIMES: A touch of Moroccan Style


A Touch of Moroccan Style


Published: June 2, 2005

Q. Moroccan style is everywhere, and I’ll admit I’m tempted by its exoticism. But I’m afraid of looking as if I’m jumping on a bandwagon. How can I get the look without turning my apartment into a theme park?

A. About a hundred years ago a mélange known as Orientalism was in vogue, and trendsetters like the Manhattan decorator Elsie de Wolfe adopted what was loosely called a Turkish corner. By throwing down a few Oriental carpets, piling on some brightly patterned pillows and banking it all with potted palms and an ornamental brass hookah – voilà! – they had an instant casbah.


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